God, I'm sick of what I've been through for last few days. This feeling torture me so much. I can't see wich one is better between being know or let my self don't know anything and keep silence. But tonight you rise my eyes about everything that must be reason of what make you could do this to me. . though you may never realize how it really messed me up, honey.
This couldn't be right time anymore for some question like "why" or "how come" you do this to me, no. Cause actualy I already used like the way you want me to be. If you think this is best for us, I think it's only for you. If you think I'm ridiculous, irrational, or something you may not know about me like I thought.
Is it hard to talk to me honestly what's going on your mind or your heart? I don't believe that it could be so that difficult for you. What else I can expect from you? From the one who I love so much. . from the one I always give my believe for. . but honest?
I assured you one thing, once you hide something, you'll need bigger hiding place then. It's okay if you want something good for your self,  but don't forget that you aren't through this way alone. I'm with you, so look at me too. . Please don't act like you don't know what I think about. Exactly you did, sweetheart. But you just pretending.
Now, I follow your game. The game you create for something I don't know. But if you loved to, I'll do for you. So you can see something you called "best way" in the end. . yeah, I'll make it up for you. .