How are U there Mom??

She used to be my only enemy 'cause never let me free
She took me into a place I thought I shouldn't be
I gaze directly into her eyes then many time  I yell "NO" out loud
I always stand in my way
But I didn't mean I could hurt u that way
And I never thought u can be the best friend I've ever had

I fall back and I ask u why?
Why must those little misconception driving us to a lot of words?
And when u're not here like it is
I think a lot and i found that everything u did was LOVE

I know it was late, though
I love u mom
I miss u as always

I did't wanna back to that moment I treat u
I'm NOT ASHAMED to say it now
Every single thing u say and did was right for me
About the way I was
I have no responsibility, never

Mom, no matter where u are
I want to say a handful of pray
May God give u much of blessing and keep u safe
I know u must be pray a lot for ur little daughter than i do there

*tonight I miss u a lot, I miss the way u talk, smile, and laugh , I miss ur hug, kisses, and ur soft hand caress, I miss the way u make me peaceful and comfort around u. . Okay-okay I already dropped my tear and I know u hate it. I do something wrong again, huh? I love u. .

I Tell U How did I Pass this Semester "Ei. .. .Ar. .Ar. .Ji. .Ji. .Eij. . Eij. .Eij. .Dot. .Dot. . (ARRGGHHH . . -red)"

First day in six term:  One week later:  First and second months through: Getting mid-term test on: During mid-term test: After mid-term test:  Going through a period before final exam: When I first saw my final exam schedule: 7 Days before final exam:  6 Days before final exam:   5 Days before final exam:  4 Days before final exam:  3 Days before final exam:  2 Days before final exam:  1 Days before final exam:  Trying to get ready for final exam:  Once entering exam's room:  During final exam:   Once getting out the classroom:  After final exam, during the holiday: