My Parents Taught Me

1. My parents taught me to APPRECIATE JOB WELL DONE.
"If you want to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

2. My parents tought me RELIGION.
"You better learn to pray well, before I brought you new feil."

3. My parents tought me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't stop playing music outloud right now, i'll locked your room in a month, then eat and drink your music!"

4.My parents tought me to be GRATEFUL.
"You sould study harder. There are millions less fortunate children want to replace you in school."

5.  My mother tought me EMPHATY.
"Don't you eat your only one lollypop in front your playmates unless you want to split it."

6. My mother tought me CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"If you always argue me, don't you know that I've brought you into this world, and I can also get you back in my stomach then."

7. My parents tought me about MEDICAL SCIENCE
"Don't open your mouth too wide when you laugh, or it will freeze that way."

8. My parents tought me about ABSORBING.
"Shut your mouth then you'll finish your breakfast even faster!"

9. My parents tought me about LOGIC.
"If you fall out from that guava tree and you broke your bones, you are not going to department store with us."

10. My parents tought me MORE LOGIC.
"If you don't finish your supper, you will get all of your chicks died next morning."

11. My parents tought me ESQ.
"Better be nice to your sister, don't you think I know you always missing her when she's in her dorm?"

12. My parents tought me about BREEDING.
"Your room looks as horse stable. Make up this room now!"

13. My father tought me HUMOR.
"If you ankle get twisted by your mother's highheels, don't come running to me."

14. My parents tought me about my ROOTS.
"Put your dirty shoes outside door before come in, do you think you were born in a barn?"

15. My parents tought me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

16. My parents tought me about FAIRNESS.
"Don't you shocked about your stubborn children in future, because you act like that today."

17. My parents tought me about WISDOM.
"You will do the same if you are in my position."

How are U there Mom??

She used to be my only enemy 'cause never let me free
She took me into a place I thought I shouldn't be
I gaze directly into her eyes then many time  I yell "NO" out loud
I always stand in my way
But I didn't mean I could hurt u that way
And I never thought u can be the best friend I've ever had

I fall back and I ask u why?
Why must those little misconception driving us to a lot of words?
And when u're not here like it is
I think a lot and i found that everything u did was LOVE

I know it was late, though
I love u mom
I miss u as always

I did't wanna back to that moment I treat u
I'm NOT ASHAMED to say it now
Every single thing u say and did was right for me
About the way I was
I have no responsibility, never

Mom, no matter where u are
I want to say a handful of pray
May God give u much of blessing and keep u safe
I know u must be pray a lot for ur little daughter than i do there

*tonight I miss u a lot, I miss the way u talk, smile, and laugh , I miss ur hug, kisses, and ur soft hand caress, I miss the way u make me peaceful and comfort around u. . Okay-okay I already dropped my tear and I know u hate it. I do something wrong again, huh? I love u. .

I Tell U How did I Pass this Semester "Ei. .. .Ar. .Ar. .Ji. .Ji. .Eij. . Eij. .Eij. .Dot. .Dot. . (ARRGGHHH . . -red)"

First day in six term:  One week later:  First and second months through: Getting mid-term test on: During mid-term test: After mid-term test:  Going through a period before final exam: When I first saw my final exam schedule: 7 Days before final exam:  6 Days before final exam:   5 Days before final exam:  4 Days before final exam:  3 Days before final exam:  2 Days before final exam:  1 Days before final exam:  Trying to get ready for final exam:  Once entering exam's room:  During final exam:   Once getting out the classroom:  After final exam, during the holiday:

I Miss You - Incubus

To see you when I wake up
Is a gift I didn't think could be real
To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold Utopian dream

You do something to me that I can't explain
So would I be out of line if I said "I miss you"?

I see your picture
I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine
You have only been gone ten days
But already I'm wasting away

I know I'll see you again whether far or soon
But I need you to know that I care and I miss you

* This song turn in my playlist repeatedly tonight. And no matter what my friend say, I missing you like hell
God, I'm sick of what I've been through for last few days. This feeling torture me so much. I can't see wich one is better between being know or let my self don't know anything and keep silence. But tonight you rise my eyes about everything that must be reason of what make you could do this to me. . though you may never realize how it really messed me up, honey.
This couldn't be right time anymore for some question like "why" or "how come" you do this to me, no. Cause actualy I already used like the way you want me to be. If you think this is best for us, I think it's only for you. If you think I'm ridiculous, irrational, or something you may not know about me like I thought.
Is it hard to talk to me honestly what's going on your mind or your heart? I don't believe that it could be so that difficult for you. What else I can expect from you? From the one who I love so much. . from the one I always give my believe for. . but honest?
I assured you one thing, once you hide something, you'll need bigger hiding place then. It's okay if you want something good for your self,  but don't forget that you aren't through this way alone. I'm with you, so look at me too. . Please don't act like you don't know what I think about. Exactly you did, sweetheart. But you just pretending.
Now, I follow your game. The game you create for something I don't know. But if you loved to, I'll do for you. So you can see something you called "best way" in the end. . yeah, I'll make it up for you. .

what is going on my mind

I never know when it all begin
All I know it started in random
Howsoever it is
The fairy tales should be end like one

It is not easy for always to be good in every single thing
I never say I could be perfect
And it wouldn't ever be
But I will say I will do my best
To promise you:
I'll never have any reason to leave you

Let me lay so close by you
Make me easy to hold on your hands when everything is going hard for you
Give me a chance to protect you
Keep you away and shield you from badness

I believe you could give me a love I always  dreaming of
from the first time we talked
For you to know, I got that
you can make me fall surely

My wish is being together
you and me
I want you so bad
I so fucking want you
And when you look at me
How do you see me?

It's okay if we doing something crazy and freak, but together
Lean on me when you get any burden
I'll be your best place to escape
Yes, I will

What the shit make you did not sure then?

How "it" Come That Way?

Arrrrggghhhhhh. . . This stuff makes me going insane more days! I don't even understand when it switched from "it doesn't exist" to "it exist". It grows just the way it is. Well, i would't take it any problem. But I can't easily accept this if he makes me falling in time and times again. It just ridiculous! How the hell it could be?! I know it properly that he is mine and almost no doubt about it. But it feels like I always adore him, yes I am. As yet, I often being very exited just seeing his picture, especially his picture I never saw before. Waiting for my cellphone ringing and there is him. Every little thing about him seems like the first time I met him. Am I going crazy??

going (in)sane


Yak! Dengan ini saya menyatakan bahwa foto-foto di atas adalah sebenar-benarnya merupakan foto saya yang saya ambil sendiri dengan penuh kesadaran (??)  :D

No Talkie-talkie Resolution

What a long. .long . .time since my last entry. And.....this is my first writing in 2010! yay!! Not too much late, cause I *maybe only my self  still feel that 2010 is just begin a couple days ago, unashamedly. [LOL]
To deal with a moment called "new year", I'm the one who dont have any specific resolution at all. Simply me, I just want to be someone who could control everything in my whole life, surely with intervention of The Infinite Power, God.
I thought it would be a great year, cause there are so many thing i must done immediately to reach any goal in my life. Yeeeeaahhhhhssss. . . . the goal I talk about isn't far from my study, carrier, and marriage! *marriage??sounds great!! :D
I don't need any high-sounding resolution without visible action, No! I believe in You, God. I know that You wouldn't leave me here, until present, without purpose or message You want me to bring. One thing I assured my self about You, You will always accompanying me even closer than my own vein, You are my all.