I Tell U How did I Pass this Semester "Ei. .. .Ar. .Ar. .Ji. .Ji. .Eij. . Eij. .Eij. .Dot. .Dot. . (ARRGGHHH . . -red)"

First day in six term:  One week later:  First and second months through: Getting mid-term test on: During mid-term test: After mid-term test:  Going through a period before final exam: When I first saw my final exam schedule: 7 Days before final exam:  6 Days before final exam:   5 Days before final exam:  4 Days before final exam:  3 Days before final exam:  2 Days before final exam:  1 Days before final exam:  Trying to get ready for final exam:  Once entering exam's room:  During final exam:   Once getting out the classroom:  After final exam, during the holiday: